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Build your wealth

Discover how you can build a passive income portfolio through residential property investment in Singapore
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Start your journey into Residential Property Investing

Discover the secrets of how to safely invest in residential property in Singapore. Find out how to:

  • Activate a REAL action plan to own positive rental properties and maximise passive income
  • Navigate the property market through our ‘Proptiply’ simulation training board game
  • Spot opportunities and earn from your investments regardless of market conditions
  • Bonus 1: Network with like-minded individuals through our Proptiply Community
  • Bonus 2: Get insider tips and enjoy exclusive access to Jelene’s coaching
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5 key reasons to invest in Residential Property

Here's why you should explore residential property investment in Singapore as a way to build up your wealth.

  • Investing in real, tangible assets such as property is a way to hedge against inflation
  • Generate a steady source of passive income by receiving rental income from rental properties
  • Property values tend to increase over time, allowing you benefit from capital gains
  • Using leverage in a safe manner, you can enhance the potential return of your property investment
  • Property investment can form part of your overall diversification strategy
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Get Ahead in Residential Property Investing

Proptiply Workshop

In our 3-hour programme, find out why these 3 main concepts - Below Market Value (BMV), Cash Flow (CF) and Infinite Returns - are critical to property investing success.

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Proptiply Boardgame

To fully appreciate key investing concepts, play our proprietary Proptiply simulation training boardgame where you will navigate through real-life property scenarios.

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Proptiply Bootcamp

In this 2-day course, learn step-by-step how to build a residential property portfolio that will give you positive returns and a source of passive income.

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Proptiply Community

Share information and exchange ideas with like-minded property investors. Stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in Singapore’s property market.

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Property Consulting

Discover how to grow your residential property portfolio through our objective property consulting services tailored to your individual needs.

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Property Management

Generate rental returns through shared spaces. Engage us to help you manage rental properties for co-living and shared accommodation purposes.

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